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Website Photography

Bespoke Imagery. Always.

Stunning photography because your business deserves to look its best.
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Our Viral Videos

Thrills, laughs and beauty.

We've lived in the new media landscape from YouTube's early days. Here's a sampling.
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Contemporary Branding

Simplicity brings sophistication

We look at branding with a critical eye and love for simplicity.
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Showcasing Personality

Colour, contrast and depth.

Websites as personal as you are.
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Branding With Life

From a love, to a business, to a brand. Our services get right to the heart of your business.
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Drool-Worthy Photography

Unique, fun and eye-catching.

Using creativity to bring life into all kinds of imagery.
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Images with Impact

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Modern photography and design that understands we live in a broadband world.
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Branded Content for Business

Fresh, vibrant and exciting.

Local T.V. commercials redefined.
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HD Production Setups

From average to epic.

Video quality matters and we know the best ways for your business to master it.
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Businesses can find people who specialize in either Web Design, Tech Hardware, Social Media, Google Search and Video Production. What most canʼt find is a team who understands how all of them work together and has grass-roots experience growing each element into a successful ecosystem.

There has been a monumental shift online: Social Media and the Rich Media produced to propel it can allow your business to dominate its field.

We are perfectionists who are young and bold. We understand when to be formal, insightful or just plain silly. We work candidly, professionally and almost paperless. We inspire people and companies to reach a new level of connection with their customers. One that’s essential to the future of modern business.

Rich Media Architects Blog


Burke Cleland - Ottawa Personal Trainer Website Design

Burke Cleland is an Ottawa personal trainer, kickboxing instructor, and nutrition coach who works with his clients to improve their health and performance through a variety of physical activities and healthy eating.

Burke needed a website that could show off his services, skills, qualifications, and results. We achieved this goal by combining web design, photography, online video, and social media integration.

Read more

Wabi Sabi - Ottawa Website Photography

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
― Dorothea Lange

Wabi Sabi is the Ottawa destination for knitting, spinning and weaving.

From viewing their previous website, we had no clue what to expect when entering the store for the first time. Read more


Competitors That Spam with Low-Fi Content

We’re starting to see this more and more with our clients’ competition. Please check out this encouraging video from Google.


Rich Media Architects - Ottawa Website Design & Social Media Experts

Today I’m very proud and excited to launch Rich Media Architects.

When I began consulting a few years ago, I did not realize there was such a lack of Read more